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   Zoran Popov sings:

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• Welcome to our site ! Become a top-level singer after only 10, 20 or 30 levels!





I GUARANTEE  that every musical individual can reach a TOP-LEVEL INTERPRETATION, thereby also become a TOP-LEVEL SINGER, by a conscious and conscientious work on himself based on an  appropriate  program consisting of only 10, 20 or 30 levels.

 A wish is nothing if you don’t turn it into a goal. With his method,  long-life work and talent to transfer knowledge Zoran Popov can  help you to reach your goals. We impel a healthy kind of life, and  The School of Singing Technique “Zoran Popov” is a result of such  aspirations. The education brings up to life the ability to be aware  of every sung syllable throughout the program, and by following this  you gain a technical precision in singing which it, later, turns into a  routine, dynamics and art.

 With the aware work on itself a musical individual can give its  best and bring its expression to perfection through interpretation.

 The technique of singing implies the aware control of element  transformation’s dynamics  such as: vibrato, trill, glissando, continuous  singing of monophonic voice, self-control of voice changing’s dynamics and  effect switching’s dynamics, contents of drama, diction practice,  self-control of volume’s and intensity’s dynamics, self-control of  workings with stomach.


 The School of Singing Technique “Zoran Popov” enables all the  newcomers, who chose the 20 levels program, to originally sing  like and to be prepared for challenges like Stevie Wonder, Lauryn  Hill, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey etc yet after only 10 levels.

 I guarantee that I can show the way of a top-level and authentic   singer to every musical individual.


  The School of Singing Technique “Zoran Popov”





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